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Master List of Best of the West
Bonanza Fan Fiction
[Alphabetical by Title]


AR - Alternate Reality
AS - Adam Story
AU - Alternate Universe
BS - Ben Story
CO - Comedy
DF - Death Fic
HS - Hoss Story
JFF - Just for Fun
JS - Joe Story
PT - Post-Timeline
SC - Jamie, Candy, Griff, Hop Sing 
WF - Whole Family
YC - Young Cartwrights [pre-timeline]

Alternate Reality refers to a story which deviates from series canon but remains in the Bonanza universe - e.g. a story in which a Cartwright has fought in the Civil War or in which one of them gets married within the series timeline.  These stories will be marked but not placed in a separate category.  AR does not indicate the story has supernatural elements.  It has the same premise, setting and characters as the other stories but with a twist that takes it out of canon to examine how the familiar characters would react to a non-canon situation or character.

Alternate Universe refers to a story in a genre other than Old West --- modern, SciFi, medieval.  Although AU's (both good & bad) are common in some fandoms like Magnificent 7, we didn't actually expect to find any good ones for Bonanza.  However, we did, so we included this category.

Just for Fun is a 2nd comedy category for "silly" stories.  The stories in the main comedy category have strong or dominate comedy elements but contain other elements which make them a well-rounded story.

Post-Timeline stories continue within the Bonanza canon but take place after the series concluded.  This would include stories in which Adam returns, Joe gets married to a woman who doesn't die, Jamie as an adult etc.  Stories using the last season characters without added characters will not be placed in this category  if they take place only a year or two after the series end.

Whole Family  If a story has one Cartwright as the main character (usually the POV character) but very significant involvement by the whole family, it will be marked for both categories.

Young Cartwrights or Pre-Timeline stories take place in the Bonanza Universe prior to the opening of the series.  They use Bonanza canon, not Ponderosa canon to the extent they conflict.  This category does not mean all the boys are - well - boys.  Adam was an adult when he returned from college but until Joe turned 16, the stories are pre-timeline.


The Accused -- Joan Sattler - JS
[Adult theme PG-13] [Author's Choice]

Adam and the Chain Gang -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS

The Adventures of Sport -- Rowan - JFF
A Night on the Town
The Long Way Home
The Night They Invented Champagne

After the Fall -- Monette Bebow-Reinhold -- AS, WF

Alberta -- Becky Sims -- WF, HS

All In a Day’s Work -- Jenny Guttridge -- AR, AS, WF
[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of a major character to the family.]

All the King’s Horses -- Julie Jurkovich -- AS, AR
[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of a major character to the family.]

Almost -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AS, JS

And Amen to All That  -- Krystyna Woollon -- AS, JS


And Along Came MaryAnn -- Charlee Ann Baker -- AS, YC

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Andromeda -- Julie Jurkovich -- AR, WF

[You'll have to see for yourself why this one is AR.  It definitely doesn't take place aboard the Andromeda - this story was written before that SF series started.  And it's in the Bonanza old west world so it's not AU]

The Angel & the Cowboy -- Wendy Byrd -- CO, AS

Anyone Who Fights with Anyone of Us . . .  -- Jenny Guttridge - WF

Arizona Trail -- Susan Grote -- JS, WF

The Art of Parenting:  Lesson One -- The Tahoe Ladies -- BS, JS

The Art of Parenting: Lesson Two -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AS, JS, HS

The Art of Parenting: Lesson Three -- The Tahoe Ladies -- WF

The Art of the Possible -- Gillian -- WF
[Author's Favorite]

The Artist: A Missing Scene -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS

Autumn Storm -- Linda Bristow -- AS

The Babysitter -- Helen Adams -- YC, HS, WF

Badge Without Honor: A Rewrite -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS

Baker’s Brat -- Joan Sattler -- YC, JS

The Battle -- Becky Sims -- AS, WF, AR

Be My Valentine -- Puchi Ann -- YC, JS

Believe -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AS, WF

Betrayal -- Kate M. Teal -- JS

Between Brothers -- Julie Jurkovich -- JS, WF

Betwixt & Between -- Sandy Workman -- AS, YC

The Bird Cage Theater -- Caz Convine -- AS

The Birthday Gift -- Linda Bristow -- AS, WF

A Bit -- Nanuk -- WF

The Black Gloves -- Debby Milesky -- JFF, WF

Boarding House Blues -- Caz Convine -- CO, JS, HS

Body and Soul -- Valerie Blythe -- WF, AS

Boots: From Recollections of a Cowboy -- Celestine Irons -- SC

Borrowed Time [WHN-Bushwhacked]-- The Tahoe Ladies -- WF

The Box -- Val M. -- HS, YC, WF

Bridging the Gap -- Helen Adams -- AS, JS, WF, YC

The Brown-Haired Boy in the Bar -- BeckyS -- JS

The Buck -- Sandy Workman -- AS, BS

Calculated Revenge -- Irish, Tahoe Lady -- AS, AU

Campfire Legends -- Helen Adams -- Holiday Story

A Camping Story -- BeckyS -- AS, JS, YC

Candy's View -- Karen F.  -- JS, HS, SC

Care Package -- Helen Adams -- AS, YC

Carried on the Wind -- Diana Golding -- AS
[Author's Choice]

A Cartwright Christmas -- Lois B. -- Holiday Story

The Cartwright Curse -- Helen Adams -- JFF

Cave-In -- BeckyS -- AS, WF, YC

Centennial -- Puchi Ann -- AS, JS

Changes -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS, WF, PTL

Chaos -- Kate M-T -- JS

A Chill in the Air -- Vicki Christian -- Holiday Story

Chores -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS
[Author's Choice]

Christmas Presents -- Becky S. -- Holiday Story

Christmas Wish -- Susan Grote -- Holiday Story

Circle Drawn -- Melody Clark -- AS, SC, PTL

Civilized Little War  -- Tahoe Ladies -- WF
[Author's Choice]

The Cody Pyle Stories -- Ella -- WF, YC


Loose Ends

Cody Pyle Returns

Cody Pyle Meets Aunt Hattie

Common Ground -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AS, HS

Consequences Unforeseen -- Diana Golding -- AS
[PG-13 for violence]

The Contract -- Gwynne Logan -- AS, WF

Country Fair -- Susan Lynch -- YC, AS, JS

The Cowboy and the Lamp -- Kate Pitts -- JS

A Cry on the Wind -- Cat -- Holiday Story

Culture Shock -- Lily of the West -- AS, JFF

Damned -- The Tahoe Ladies -- BS, WF

A Dark Night's Tale -- The Tahoe Ladies -- JS, JFF

Dark of Night -- Helen Adams -- JS, YC

Daughter of Night -- Becky S.  -- WF

Dead Horse in Laredo -- Randy S. -- JFF, JS

Deadliest Disease -- Susan Grote -- JS, WF

The Deadliest Game: Joe in Tights -- Helen Adams -- JS

Deadline -- Lynda Kemp -- JS, AS

Dearly Beloved -- Linda Bristow -- AS, WF

The Death of Adam Cartwright -- Becky Sims -- DF, AS

Death Walked This Way Today -- Irish, Tahoe Lady -- JS, AS, AU

The Deep Abyss -- Becky Sims --  AS, WF

Defending Miss David -- Kate M. Teal -- JS

Dragon Dance -- Lissa B. -- YC, SC

A Dream Deferred -- Puchi Ann -- BS, AS, YC
[Author's Favorite] Heritage of Honor Book I

The Dreaming Tree -- Michelle K. -- WF, YC

A Dream's Darkest Hour -- Puchi Ann -- WF
Heritage of Honor Book IV

A Dream's First Bud -- Puchi Ann -- BS, AS, YC
Heritage of Honor Book II

A Dream Imperiled -- Puchi Ann -- YC, AS
Book III - Heritage of Honor Series

Dreams -- BeckyS -- AS

Dru -- BeckyS -- AS

Dual Ranch House Stories --
Mystery Solved -- Cat -- JFF
All the Shades of Gold -- Jenny -- WF

Edges -- The Tahoe Ladies -- BS

Emiline Hutton's House -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, JS, Holiday

Encounter at Oxbow -- Kate M-Teal -- JS, AS

Encounter in Limbo -- Melissa J -- JFF

Encounter With the Past -- Debra P. -- AS, WF

Farewell Forever, My Brother -- Linda Bristow -- DF, AS, WF

A Father's Prayer -- Debra P. -- AS, BS

The Favor -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS
[Author's Choice]

Fields of White -- BeckyS -- AS, JS

The Fine Art of Weaseling -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AS, JS, AU

Fire in the Sky -- Jenny Guttridge -- HS

The Final Bequest -- Puchi Ann -- AS, JS

Final Farewell -- Helen Adams -- HS, DF

For Pete's Sake -- Lily of the West -- JFF, WF

Forbidden -- The Tahoe Ladies -- SC

The Fourth Wife -- Susan Grote -- WF, CO

A Friend for Jamie -- Becky Sims -- SC, AS

The Friendship -- Lissa B. -- JFF, WF

Frisco -- Helen Adams -- CO, WF

From an Eastern Spinster to Her Rancher Lover -- BeckyS -- Poetry

From the Heart -- Tahoe Ladies -- BS, WF
[Author's Choice]

A Goat By Any Other Name -- Bettyjoe -- AS, CO, WF

A Gem Without Price -- Debra P. -- BS, AS, SC

Ghost Town -- Susan Grote -- JS, WF

Ghosts of a Christmas Past -- Becky S. --  WF, SC, Holiday

A Gift for Marie -- Vickie Batzka -- YC, AS, WF

Giving Thanks -- Vickie Batzka -- AS, WF, YC

Glimpse of Heaven -- Helen Adams -- JS, WF

The Great Divide -- Sandy Workman -- AS, YC

The Great Egg Race -- Kate Pitts -- Holiday Story

Griff and the Irish Dancer -- Randy S. -- SC  [Author's Choice] [Adult theme PG]

Growing Pains -- Helen Adams -- JS, WF, YC

A Gunfighting Man -- Jenny Guttridge -- AR, AS, WF [Author's Favorite]
[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of a major character to the family.]

The Hero -- Susan Grote -- JS, WF

Have a Nice Day -- Debbie Milesky -- HS

Heat Wave -- Helen Adams -- JS

Helping Hands -- Helen Adams -- JS, WF

Home in Nevada -- Jan McDonald -- AS, WF

The Honor of Cochise -- Becky Sims -- JFF

Hop Sing's Twig -- K.K. Shaulis -- HS, JS

If . . . -- Irish, Tahoe Lady -- HS

I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen -- Susan Grote -- Holiday Story

In Memoriam -- Deborah Grant -- AS, WF, PTL

[Author's Choice]

In the Canyon -- Lily of the West -- BS

In The Dark of the Night -- Jenny Guttridge -- AR, AS
[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of a major character to the family.]

Incentive Stories

Dying Vultures -- The Tahoe Ladies -- JFF
Hoss and the Vultures -- The Tahoe Ladies -- JFF
To Keep the Vultures at Bay -- Helen Adams -- JFF
Motivation -- Becky S. -- JFF


Infatuated -- Kate M-T. -- JS, WF


Innocence Gone -- Celestine Irons


It Happened One Knight -- Wendy Byrd -- HS, AR
[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of a major character to the family.]

It Was New Year's Eve -- Vickie Batzka -- WF
[Author's Favorite]

Jeb Carter's Ghost -- Jules -- JS, WF

Joe's Perfect Girlfriend -- Lily of the West -- JFF

Journey East -- Lois B. -- AR, AS
[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of a major character to the family.]

Journey West -- Lois B. -- JS, AS, AR
[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of major characters to the family.]

Joy Comes in the Morning -- Laurie M. -- WF, YC

Judgment -- The Tahoe Ladies -- JS, SC, PTL

July, 1898 -- The Tahoe Ladies -- BS, JS, PTL

Just a Bit of Poetry -- Visage -- BS, AS, YC

The Just and the Unjust -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS

Just Another Friday -- Lily of the West -- JFF

Just Between Brothers -- P.T. Dutcher -- JS, AS, WF

Kane's Legacy -- Krystyna Woollon -- AS

Kick Like a Mule -- Gwynne Logan -- AS

Kinship -- Kate M-T -- JS

A Lady Never Tells -- Tahoe Ladies -- BS

Last Request -- Tahoe Ladies -- DF, AS, JS, PT

Lavender & Lace -- Julie Jurkovich -- JS

The Laws of Physics -- Lily of the West -- AS, HS

Legacy of New Orleans -- Susan Grote -- WF

The Lengths a Man Can Be Driven To . . . -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, CO

A Lesson for Miss Sprigg -- Kate Pitts -- YC, AS, JS

Lessons from the Past -- Becky Sims -- WF

Lifelong Impressions -- Charlee Ann Baker -- AS,YC, WF

Light Up the Winter Darkness -- Robin and Ginny -- Holiday, WF

The Lion Cub -- Krystyna Woollon 
[Author's Choice]

Living Witness -- Melody Clark -- AS, SC, PTL

The Longest Bath -- Lily of the West -- JFF, WF

The Long Walk Home -- P.T. Dutcher -- AS, WF

The Long Way Home -- Rowan -- JFF

Lost & Found -- Laura Brodie -- JS

Lost (A Story in Five Voices) -- Tahoe Ladies -- WF

Lost Marbles -- Charlee Ann Baker -- AS, YC, JS, HS

Love's Labours -- Lissa B. --  CO, AS, WF
[Author's Favorite]

Luck of the Draw -- Karen F. -- JS

A Lucky Woman -- Liz S. -- WF

The Man in the Middle -- Krystyna Woollon -- HS

The Man With My Face -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, WF, Holiday

Mark of a Man -- Gillian -- AS, YC

Mary Knox's Christmas -- Jenny Guttridge -- Holiday Story

Me -- Nanuk -- AS

The Measure of a Man -- Jenny Guttridge -- JS, WF, AR

Measure of Grace -- Julie Jurkovich -- AS, WF

Meat in the Middle -- Helen Adams -- JFF

Memories and Miracles -- Larkspur -- YC, WF, Holiday

Minnie -- Lily of the West -- AS

Miss David Returns -- Kate M-T -- JS

The Morning After -- Irish, Lady Tahoe -- BS, WF

Mountain Eagle -- Becky Sims -- WF

The Murder of Joe Cartwright -- Karen F./Randy S. -- SC, JS

My Place -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, Poetry

My Quiet Girl -- Sandy Workman -- AS

Mystery Solved -- Cat -- JFF

Native Land -- Lissa B. -- AS

A Neighbourly Act -- VRON -- AS

New Orleans -- Libby Armstrong/Jerri Barrett -- JS

A New Year's Renewal -- Karen F. -- Holiday Story

Newborn King -- Caz Convine -- Holiday Story

A Night on the Town -- Rowan -- JFF

The Night They Invented Champagne -- Rowan -- JFF

Night Visitor -- Helen Adams -- BS, JS, YC

Nine Faces of Adam -- BeckyS -- AS

No Greater Love -- Susan Grote -- JS, WF

Odyssey -- Lissa B. -- BS, AS, YC

On a Winter Morning -- The Tahoe Ladies -- BS

Once Upon a Wish -- Julie Jurkovich -- JFF

One Cold Christmas Eve -- BeckyS. -- BS, AS, Holiday

One in One Hundred Thirty -- Kate Pitts -- JS, WF

One Night in Spring -- Becky Sims -- AS, HS

Our Mother's Keeper -- Jeanie C. -- AS, HS, WF

Out of Mind -- Diana Golding -- AS, WF

One of Those Days -- Helen Adams -- JS, CO

Pa's Christmas Gift -- Helen Adams -- Holiday Story

Paid in Full -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AS, JS, PTL

The Palace -- Helen Adams -- JS

Paradise -- Tahoe Ladies -- CO, JS

Paradise Encore -- Tahoe Ladies -- CO, AS

Passages: Testing the Bonds of Brotherhood -- Irish, Lady Tahoe -- AU, AS, JS

A Passion Rekindled -- Ella -- JS, AS, YC

Paying the Price -- Susan Grote -- JS, WF

Peace on Earth -- Pat Dumas -- Holiday Story

Peace on the Ponderosa -- Jenny Guttridge -- Holiday Story

A Penny for Your Problems -- Kate M-T -- JS, WF

Perfect Woman -- Vickie Batzka -- AS, WF

Phoenix Chained -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS, WF

Phoenix Freed -- The Tahoe Ladies -- JS, WF

Phoenix Rising -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS, WF

Picnic Day -- Helen Adams -- AS, JS, HS, WF

Pico Pete -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, WF

The Pleasure of Their Company -- Karen F./Randy S. -- JS, SC

The Plunge -- Lily of the West -- AS, HS, JS, JFF, PTL

Ponderosa Celebration -- Caz Convine -- Holiday Story

Precious Possessions -- Susan Grote -- WF

The Price You Pay -- Linda Bristow -- AS, JS, YC

The Pride of Men -- Nanuk -- AS, BS

Private Lessons -- Gwynne Logan -- AS
[Adult theme - PG-13]

Probability -- Becky S. -- JFF

Promises -- Becky Sims -- AS, JS, WF

Promises 2 -- Becky S. -- AS, JS, WF

The Pure Heart - Becky Sims -- WF

A Question of Doubt -- Kate Pitts -- JS

A Rare Courage -- Becky Sims -- AS, YC

Real Life -- Vickie Batzka -- YC, AS

Recollections of a Cowboy -- Celestine Irons -- SC, BS

The Red Stallion -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, JS

Remember -- Lily of the West -- BS, AS

Restitution -- Kate M-Teal -- JS, WF

Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold -- Laura Brodie -- JS, WF
[PG-13 for violence]

Ringgold -- Kate M-Teal -- JS

The Rubicon -- Lissa B. -- AS, YC

Ruby -- Julie Jurkovich -- WF

San Francisco -- Susan Grote -- JS, WF

Sanctuary -- Helen Adams -- Holiday Story

Santa's Helpers -- Helen Adams -- Holiday Story

Santa's Little Helpers -- Puchi Ann -- Holiday Story

The Saviour -- Jenny Guttridge -- BS, AS, Holiday

The Scars Will Fade -- Jeanie C. -- AS, BS, WF

The Search -- Monette Bebow-Reinhard -- AS, WF

Seeing Sta*s -- Lily of the West -- JFF

Shadow -- Nanuk -- BS, WF, DF

Shadow on the Mountain -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, JS

The Shootout -- Becky Sims -- CO, WF

Sins of the Father -- Susan Grote --  JS, AS, WF

The Snipe Hunt -- Susan Grote -- WF, JS

The Song -- Becky S. -- AS, JS

Southwest of Nevada -- Kate M-T. -- JS, X-over

The Sound of Satisfaction -- Rowan -- JFF, WF

The Spanish Bride -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS

Spanish Gold -- Susan Grote -- JS, WF

The Spirit of the Season -- Rowan -- AS, Holiday

Spirits of the Dead -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, HS, JS, WF

Staccato Sun  -- Valerie Blythe -- AS, WF, AR

Stars in the Sky -- Susan Lynch/Liz S. -- YC, AS, JS

Stay Out of Trouble -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, HS, JS, WF

Steps Forward and Back -- The Tahoe Ladies -- JS, AS, PTL, WF

The Story of Ruth (Takin’ Charge sequel ) -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS

A Stranger's Kindness -- Lily of the West -- AS

Strawberries -- Helen Adams -- YC, WF

Summer Vacation -- Helen Adams -- JS, AS, YC

Sunrise -- BeckyS -- AS, JS

Sunset on the Ponderosa -- Lora Wimsatt -- DF, JS

Takin’ Charge -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS, WF

A Tale of Three Puppies -- Lily of the West -- JFF

Them Crane Boys -- Cat -- JFF

There are More Things . . . -- Kate Pitts -- AS, JS, WF
[Author's Favorite]

The Threshold -- Kate M. Teal -- JS
[Author's Favorite]

Through a Glass, Darkly -- Karen F. -- WF

A Tiny Tale of Penury -- Puchi Ann -- YC, JS, AS, Vignette

To Be or Not To Be -- Susan Grote -- JS, WF

Touched By An Angel -- Krystyna Woollon -- HS, WF

The Toymaker -- Helen Adams -- Holiday Story

Treasure -- Susan Grote -- JS, WF

The Trust -- EPM -- AS, HS, WF

Truth and Consequences -- Valerie Blythe -- AS, WF

The Twist -- Lily of the West -- JFF, WF

Unsung Hero -- Barbara Kaalberg -- SC, CO
[Hop Sing finally gets a story.  It's funny - but not at his expense.]

The Valentine's Card -- Kate Pitts -- Holiday Story

Vengeance WHN -- Lissa B. -- AS, WF

Veritas --  Deborah Grant -- AS
[Author's Choice]

A Very Present Help -- Gillian -- AS

A View of the Open Sea -- Rowan -- BS, AS

A View of the Open Sea - Part II -- Rowan -- BS, AS

A View of the Open Sea - Part III -- Rowan -- BS, AS

Vignettes -- Lois B. -- WF, AR
[Author's Choice]
[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of major characters to the family.]

Vignettes II -- Lois B.  -- AR

[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of major characters to the family.]

Walk Like a Man -- Wendy Byrd -- AS, WF
[Author's Choice]

Wall of Darkness -- Gwynne Logan -- AS, WF

The Wanted Poster -- Helen Adams -- JS, YC

The Way it Wasn't -- Julie H. -- JS, AS, WF, AR

Web of Lies -- Sierra Sirens -- AU, AS
[What a shock to find a really good Bonanza AU.  Think Dallas meets Bonanza.]

We'll Be Home for Christmas -- Puchi Ann -- Holiday Story

What Happened Next: The Flapjack Contest -- Kathleen O'Neill -- BS, WF

When Little Boys Grow Up -- The Tahoe Ladies -- JS, PTL

When the Time Comes -- Gwynne L. -- AS

When We All Grow Up (Exp. Rev.) -- Charlee Ann Baker -- AS, HS, JS, YC

The Wherefore and the Why -- Becky S. -- AS

Whisper My Name -- The Tahoe Ladies -- Holiday Story

The White Shark -- Jenny Guttridge -- BS

The Winning Hand -- P. T. Dutcher --  AS

Witch Wind -- Kate M-T. -- JS

With a Two-edged Sword -- The Tahoe Ladies -- WF, AU

With Brothers Like These -- Susan Lynch/Liz S. -- WF, CO
[Author's Favorite]

With the Best Intentions -- The Tahoe Ladies -- HS, AU, WF

Within the Circle -- The Tahoe Ladies - WF, AU

The World Was All Before Them -- Deborah Grant -- YC, BS, AS

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