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BONANZA Fan Fiction
(Comedy Lite)

The Adventures of Sport -- Rowan
A Night on the Town
The Long Way Home
The Night They Invented Champagne

The Black Gloves -- Debbie Milesky -- WF

The Cartwright Curse -- Helen Adams  

A Dark Night's Tale -- The Tahoe Ladies -- JS

Dead Horse in Laredo -- Randy S. -- JS

Encounter in Limbo -- Melissa J


Fan Fic Incentive Stories

Dying Vultures -- The Tahoe Ladies
Hoss and the Vultures -- The Tahoe Ladies
To Keep the Vultures at Bay -- Helen Adams
Motivation -- Becky S.

For Pete's Sake -- Lily of the West -- WF

The Friendship -- Lissa B. -- WF

The Honor of Cochise -- Becky S.  

Joe's Perfect Girlfriend -- Lily of the West

Just Another Friday -- Lily of the West  

The Long Way Home -- Rowan

The Longest Bath -- Lily of the West -- WF

Mystery Solved -- Cat

Once Upon a Wish -- Julie Jurkovich

Probability -- Becky S.

Seeing Sta*s -- Lily of the West

The Sound of Satisfaction -- Rowan -- WF

A Tale of Three Puppies -- Lily of the West  

Them Crane Boys -- Cat

The Twist -- Lily of the West -- WF

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