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The Biography of Griff King  (Unless you're a Tim Matheson fan - probably more than you ever wanted to know.)

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A grammar lesson in the form of a Lancer ficlet by Debbie Blaylock

Murdoch's Confession

Murdoch walked into the great room and was surprised to see Johnny at the table intent on what appeared to be textbooks.

"Son, what are you doing?"

"Remember the other week when I told you I was going to ask Teresa if I could borrow her old schoolbooks? Well, I'm doing just that. Boy, there's some really interesting stuff here."

Seeing how hard Johnny was trying to improve his mind made Murdoch very proud of his son. With a smile, he patted Johnny on the back. "That'sfine, son. If you need any help or have any questions, just let me know.  I'm here for you."

Johnny shyly returned the smile. "I do have one question for you."

"Ask me anything."

"Okay. Last week, you introduced me to your friends as your youngest son.  This English book says 'When there is a comparison between two objects, people, etc., the comparative form of the adjective is appropriate to use, as in the younger son or the taller man'.  Was the rule different back when you went to school in Scotland?"

Murdoch's face became very pale.  "No, Johnny.  The rules hadn't changed. I... uh... that is... maybe you better get Scott and I'll explain it to you both."

With a worried glance at his father, Johnny quickly left to do Murdoch's bidding.  As soon as Johnny was gone, Murdoch poured himself a whiskey.  Considering the glass, he decided to make it a double.  It was going to be a long night.

The End

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