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Bonanza Whole Family Fan Fiction


After the Fall -- Monette Bebow-Reinhold -- AS

Alberta -- Becky Sims -- HS

All In a Day’s Work -- Jenny Guttridge -- AR, AS
[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of a major character to the family]

All the Shades of Gold -- Jenny Guttridge 

Anyone Who Fights with Anyone of Us . . . -- Jenny Guttridge

Arizona Trail -- Susan Grote -- JS

The Art of Parenting: Lesson Three -- The Tahoe Ladies  

The Art of the Possible -- Gillian [Author's Choice]

At the Sign of the Four Dragons -- Rowan -- AS, HS

The Babysitter -- Helen Adams -- YC, HS

The Battle -- Becky S. -- AS, AR

Believe -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AS

Between Brothers -- Julie Jurkovich -- JS

The Birthday Gift -- Linda Bristow -- AS

A Bit -- Nanuk  

The Black Gloves -- Debby Milesky -- JFF

Body and Soul -- Valerie Blythe -- AS

Borrowed Time [WHN-Bushwhacked] -- The Tahoe Ladies

The Box -- Val M. -- HS, YC

Bridging the Gap -- Helen Adams -- AS, JS, YC

Cave-In -- BeckyS -- AS, YC

Changes -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS, PTL

Civilized Little War -- Tahoe Ladies  [Author's Choice]

The Cody Pyle Stories -- Ella -- YC


Loose Ends

Cody Pyle Returns

Cody Pyle Meets Aunt Hattie

The Contract -- Gwynne Logan -- AS

Damned -- The Tahoe Ladies -- BS

Daughter of Night -- Becky S.

The Deadliest Disease -- Susan Grote

Dearly Beloved -- Linda Bristow -- AS

The Deep Abyss -- Becky S. --  AS

The Dreaming Tree -- Michelle K. -- YC

A Dream's Darkest Hour -- Puchi Ann
Heritage of Honor Book IV

Encounter With the Past -- Debra P. -- AS

Farewell Forever, My Brother -- Linda Bristow -- DF, AS

For Pete's Sake -- Lily of the West -- JFF

The Fourth Wife  -- Susan Grote -- CO [Author's Choice]

The Friendship -- Lissa B. -- JFF

Frisco -- Helen Adams -- CO

From the Heart -- Tahoe Ladies -- BS [Author's Choice]

A Goat By Any Other Name -- Bettyjoe -- AS, CO

Ghost Town -- Susan Grote -- JS

Ghosts of a Christmas Past -- Becky S. -- SC, Holiday

A Gift for Marie -- Vickie Batzka -- YC, AS

Giving Thanks -- Vickie Batzka -- AS, YC

Glimpse of Heaven -- Helen Adams -- JS

Growing Pains -- Helen Adams -- JS, YC

A Gunfighting Man -- Jenny Guttridge -- AR, AS [Author's Favorite]

[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of a major character to the family]


Helping Hands -- Helen Adams -- JS

The Hero -- Susan Grote -- JS

His Eyes -- Adamfan16 -- YC

Home in Nevada -- Jan McDonald -- AS

Hostage series -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AS, HS, JS

Hostage: Trade for Peace

Hostage: Trade for Survival

Hostage: Trade for Compassion

In Memoriam -- Deborah Grant -- AS, PTL  [Author's Choice]

Infatuated -- Kate M-T. -- JS

It Was New Year's Eve  -- Vickie Batzka -- Holiday

Jeb Carter's Ghost -- Jules -- JS

Journey West -- Lois B. --  AS, AR
[Listed as alternate reality due to the addition of major characters to the family]

Joy Comes in the Morning -- Laurie M. -- YC, Holiday

Just Between Brothers -- P.T. Dutcher -- JS, AS

Legacy of New Orleans -- Susan Grote

Lessons from the Past -- BeckyS

Lifelong Impressions -- Charlee Ann Baker -- YC

Light Up the Winter Darkness -- Robin and Ginny -- Holiday

The Long Walk Home -- P.T. Dutcher -- AS

The Longest Bath -- Lily of the West -- JFF

Lost (A Story in Five Voices) -- Tahoe Ladies

Love's Labours -- Lissa B. -- CO, AS [Author's Favorite]

A Lucky Woman -- Liz S.  

The Man With My Face -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, Holiday

The Measure of a Man -- Jenny Guttridge -- JS,  AR

Measure of Grace -- Julie Jurkovich -- AS

Memories and Miracles -- Larkspur -- YC, Holiday

The Morning After -- Tahoe Lady Irish -- BS

Mountain Eagle -- Becky S.

No Greater Love -- Susan Grote -- JS

One in One Hundred Thirty -- Kate Pitts -- JS

Our Mother's Keeper -- Jeanie C. -- AS, HS

Out of Mind -- Diana Golding -- AS

Paying the Price -- Susan Grote -- JS

A Penny for Your Problems -- Kate M-Teal -- JS

Perfect Woman -- Vickie Batzka -- AS

Phoenix Chained -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS

Phoenix Freed -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS

Phoenix Rising -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS

Pico Pete -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS

Picnic Day -- Helen Adams -- AS, JS, HS

Precious Possessions -- Susan Grote

Promises -- Becky S. -- AS, JS

Promises 2 -- Becky S. -- AS, JS

The Pure Heart -- Becky S.

Restitution -- Kate M-Teal -- JS

Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold -- Laura Brodie -- JS

Ruby -- Julie Jurkovich

San Francisco -- Susan Grote -- JS

The Scars Will Fade -- Jeanie C. -- AS, BS

The Search -- Monette Bebow-Reinhard -- AS

Shadow -- Nanuk -- BS, DF

Sheltered Heart -- Kathryn -- AS, YC

Sins of the Father -- Susan Grote -- JS, AS

The Snipe Hunt -- Susan Grote -- JS

The Sound of Satisfaction -- Rowan -- JFF

Spanish Gold -- Susan Grote -- JS

Spirits of the Dead -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, HS, JS

Staccato Sun  -- Valerie Blythe -- AS, AR

Stay Out of Trouble -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, HS, JS

Steps Forward and Back -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS, AS, PTL

Strawberries -- Helen Adams -- YC

Takin’ Charge -- Tahoe Ladies -- JS

There are More Things . . .  -- Kate Pitts

Through a Glass, Darkly -- Karen F.

To Be or Not To Be -- Susan Grote -- JS

Touched By An Angel -- Krystyna Woollon -- HS

Treasure -- Susan Grote -- JS

The Trust -- EPM -- AS, HS

Truth and Consequences -- Valerie Blythe -- AS

The Twist -- Lily of the West -- JFF

Vengeance WHN -- Lissa B. -- AS

Vignettes -- Lois Boehl -- AR  [Author's Choice]
AR for added characters

Walk Like a Man -- Wendy Byrd [Author's Choice]

Wall of Darkness -- Gwynne Logan -- AS

The Way it Wasn't -- Julie H. -- JS, AS, AR

WHN: The Flapjack Contest -- Kathleen O'Neill -- BS

What Will It Be Like? -- Helen Adams -- YC

With a Two-edged Sword -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AU

With Brothers Like These -- Susan Lynch/Liz S. -- CO

With the Best Intentions -- The Tahoe Ladies -- HS, AU [Author's Favorite]

Within the Circle -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AU

Bonanza Whole Family Fan Fiction

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