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Hoss is either the star or co-star in each of these stories.   JS, BS or AS after the author's name means one of the other original cast characters costars. WF means the rest of the family plays a significant part in the story. AR means the story presents an alternative reality to series canon but takes place in the familiar Bonanza old west world. AU means the story takes place in an alternative universe - modern, scifi, medieval, etc. PT means the story is post-timeline .  SC means characters other than original cast Cartwrights play a large role. YC means the story takes place prior to the timeline of the Bonanza pilot episode.   These stories are cross-indexed in the noted categories.


Alberta -- Becky Sims -- WF

The Art of Parenting: Lesson Two -- Tahoe Ladies -- AS, JS

At the Sign of the Four Dragons -- Rowan -- AS, WF

The Babysitter -- Helen Adams -- YC, WF

Boarding House Blues -- Caz Convine -- CO, JS

The Box -- Val M. --  YC, WF

Candy's View -- Karen F. -- JS,  SC

Common Ground -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AS

Final Farewell  --  Helen Adams -- DF

Fire in the Sky -- Jenny Guttridge

The Hat in the Water -- Debpet -- AS, JS

Have a Nice Day -- Debbie Milesky

Hop Sing's Twig -- K.K. Shaulis -- JS

Hostage series -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AS, JS, WF

Hostage: Trade for Peace

Hostage: Trade for Survival

Hostage: Trade for Compassion

If . . . -- Irish, Tahoe Lady -- HS

It  Happened One Knight --  Wendy Byrd

The Laws of Physics -- Lily of the West -- AS

Lost Marbles -- Charlee Ann Baker -- YC, JS

The Man in the Middle -- Krystyna Woollon

One Night in Spring -- Becky Sims -- AS

Our Mother's Keeper -- Jeanie C. -- AS, WF

Picnic Day -- Helen Adams -- AS, JS, WF

The Plunge -- Lily of the West -- AS, JS, JFF, PTL

Spirits of the Dead -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, JS, WF

Stay Out of Trouble -- Jenny Guttridge -- AS, JS, WF

Touched By An Angel -- Krystyna Woollon -- WF

The Trust -- EPM -- AS, WF

When We All Grow Up (Exp. Rev.) -- Charlee Ann Baker -- AS, JS, YC

With the Best Intentions -- The Tahoe Ladies -- AU, WF

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