The main purpose of this site is to maintain a library of the best Bonanza fan fiction - well written stories about the Cartwrights we grew up with.   During our search for the best stories, there are a few we've been unable to obtain  for various reasons.  The purpose of this page is to acknowledge these authors as among the best (in our opinion).  This way, readers who've suggested those authors will know that we do acknowledge the excellence of the work they've suggested.  Where we can, we'll note where the stories in question can be found.  Two of the authors mentioned below prefer not to post anywhere but to make their stories available by email.  As for the others, we've had no response to our emails or the emails have bounced or the authors are looking for copies of their stories; in one case the author prefers not to post on a site where only the identity of the website owner but not the identities of those actually selecting the stories is known.  Whatever the reason a good author isn't posted with us, as a library attempting to collect  the best in the fandom, we want to make those stories available even if only by providing links.

We tip our hats to the following excellent stories/authors not posted here.

Vicki Christian prefers to make her stories available by email only.  She did give us a story to post on our upcoming holiday page. A current list of her stories with synopses can be found on Bonanza-Legacy   Another list can be found on Bonanza Brits.  Vicki describes her favorite two on our Author's Choice page.  She can be emailed for the stories at christianv@clara.net
Pat Dumas also makes her stories available by email only.  A current list of her stories with synopses can be found on Bonanza-Legacy  Another list can be found on Bonanza Brits.  We particularly recommend As Ye Sow which is the author's favorite for reasons she states on our Author's Choice page.  She has supplied a Christmas story for our Holiday Page.  She can be emailed for her stories at ptdumas@westelcom.com
Jerri Barrett has a number of stories in the archives of Bonanza1.  We particularly recommend  The Jinx,   The Perfect Bet and The Camping Trip.  We also recommend The Legend of Tahoe Tessie which can be found on the internet Round-up Archives or  http://web.archive.org/web/20010719044625/www.bonanza-cartwrights.com/Writers/tessie.htm
Judy  hasn't written fanfic for quite some time.  However, she's  happy that readers still enjoy reading what she previously wrote.  Her stories can be found in the Bonanaza1 archives and on Women Writer's Block.  We especially liked What Ails Joe Now? 
Sadie Spinner  Her stories can be found thru www.archives.org from the Round-up site.  We haven't found them on any current public sites although we heard some might become available on Legacy eventually.  We especially liked A Problem with Engineering
Mary Stone  Mary's had some problem locating some of her stories since the  closure of the Writer's Round-up and will be getting back to us.  In the meantime, some of them can be found on Bonanza-Legacy
Anne Gentry's stories are apparently unavailable on any current public sites except for a work in progress on Women Writers Block  and a co-written story on Bonanza1. Five of her stories can be found in the Round-up archives at http://web.archive.org/web/20011130041429/www.bonanza-cartwrights.com/Writers2/anneg.htm  or 
There are a number of excellent stories we were told are permanently unavailable for posting due to their inclusion in the Bonanza Short Story Anthology, Bonanza Friendship Convention Crystal Bay, Nevada June 7-9, 2002 (cover info).  While they last, they can be ordered at www.Bonanza-Convention.com  Because of the expense, it is unlikely the anthology will be reprinted.   Among those in the anthology, we especially tip our hat to:

Lissa B.'s - Dragon Dance
Karen Fedderly's  Through a Glass Darkly
Becky Sims's  Of Marbles and Memories and Boys Who Grew Up
Kate Pitt's - San Francisco Adventure
Gwynne Logan's - Be Careful What You Wish For and The Canyon

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