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The most comprehensive Bonanza library on the internet was provided by KathyE at  [Commonly referred to as BBAB or Writers Round-up.]  This site was withdrawn as of February 17, 2003.  However, many of the story pages can be accessed by going to and using the URL above as a search term.
It appears the job of maintaining the most comprehensive Bonanza library on the net has fallen to Bonanza-Legacy
This site gives all authors a place to post their writing on attractive pages.  It's a place for new writers to post before they've polished their abilities and for everyone else to post all their work.   When asked if they ever rejected stories based on quality of writing, we were told, "We try to appeal to a vast body of readers through our site. We cannot be prejudiced since our site is officially licensed."   [Stories with a certain level of sexual or violent content are available email only.] There is an e-list associated with the site, photos and other features.
Bonanza World at has a number of features including a message board, a small fanfic library, reprints of magazine articles on the Bonanza cast, episode schedules etc.
The biggest multi-fandom fanfic and original fiction site can be found at     The site isn't beautiful, but it's a home to thousands of stories from Teletubbies & Knight Rider through Flying Nun & Young Riders.  There are around  125 Bonanza stories there [compared to 14,124, Buffy stories, 2645 Angel stories, almost 900 Andromeda stories and 373 Magnificent Seven.]  But it's another place where anyone can post.   A few good writers post there and presumably direct readers to a more comprehensive Bonanza site when they get good feedback.
Susan Grote is now in charge of the Women Writers Block  a place for fanfic, historical resources and poetry.  The majority of the fanfic is in Western genres but there are some non-Westerns such as  Simon & Simon, Starsky & Hutch, Sentinel, etc.  Susan is willing to accept beginning writers and is gratified that some of them have improved since their initial postings.  There are restrictions on length, additon of permanent characters, AU's, etc.
The Grotto  is a small multi-fandom site for series such as Bonanza, Big Valley, Wild Wild West, CHiPs, etc.  Although there are less than twenty Bonanza stories, they are all of high quality.
The Bonanza1 site at  has a pretty sizable selection of fanfic, a lot of it very good stuff.  They also have a self-posting site at    A few of the good authors have posted a few things there but it also contains a lot of truly dreadful stuff.   Kind of like the slush pile of unsolicited manuscripts an editor must wade through.  (If you find something good, please let us know.)
Bonanza is not just an American phenomenom.  You can find Bonanza Brits   They have fanfic, much of which is available by e-mail only due to space limitations on the site.  They also have an e-list and other features.
The Aussies have their own Bonanza site at Bonanza in Oz  You must subscribe to access the fanfiction but joining is not a restrictive process.
When you need your Pernell Roberts/Adam fix check out the picture of the day at
Although Bonanza's prequel Ponderosa is truly a separate fandom with distinquishable characters and canon, there is an undeniable connection.  We have some of the best fanfic in its own category on this site.  Check out more fanfic on Tales of the Ponderosa.
Bonanza's leading Ladies have developed their own website.  Stunning pictures make a beautiful backdrop for some of the best fiction in the fandom.  Check out the Tahoe Ladies' Website.
Helen Adams has written some of the most popular stories in the fandom. She's deserted Bonanza to play in Four Corners with the Magnificent Seven, but her legacy lingers on. See her website for all her stories.
We've heard the gang on the Behind the Wagon site described as Rebels & Rabble Rousers.  Sounds like fun. 

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